First, let’s address the correct pronunication of winey.  “why-nee” Click winey if still in doubt, but don’t forget to come back and finish reading this post… Got it? Ok. Second, what about the definition? Well, someone may consider themselves a newbie, someone else a foodie. Now, it may not actually be in the dictionary but, in my good book, “winey” is an informal term for an afficionado of things related to wine. Someone who likes to consume it, read about it, make it, etc. I consider myself a winey.  It sounds less stuffy than afficionado.  And is much better than wino.  I consider my partner/husband to be one too.  He is, in fact, much more of a winey than me.  I just hope he doesn’t consider me to be a whiney.

In any case, we have started this blog to keep you (our dear friends and family) who are interested, there are a few, involved in a big part of our world and to help us feel that you are with us on our route of winemaking fun.