Copyrights to photos are taken seriously on the internet.  I was contacted yesterday by a woman from The Guardian, the UK Guardian (the second phone call Stomping Girl Wines has received from a journalist in the last 2 weeks, by the way.)  She was doing an article on baby doll sheep use in vineyards and needed a photo.  She must have googled “baby doll sheep vineyard” images and saw my old post with photos of exactly that–baby doll sheep in the vineyard.  She had contacted me to ask permission to use the photo.  She even said they would send a small payment if it was used.  

Excited to share my photos, I sent her some beautiful photos of baby doll sheep in Navarro’s vineyard and a photo of one of our Sonoma Coast growers’ Icelandic sheep (#5) which is used in his vineyard.  Later that day I found the article on their website.  My photo did not appear in the article but somehow I still got a photo credit at the bottom of the article.  I’ll take what I can get!

Note: almost all of the photos we use on our blog and website are taken by Uzi or I. Including the beautiful banner above taken by Uzi in the Santa Lucia Highlands.