I remember these feelings 9 1/2 years ago awaiting the arrival of our 2 week late baby son. Trying to enjoy the lull in activity, the quiet before the storm; trying to savor a normal, sane schedule and a well-rested body which we know all comes to an end upon arrival of a baby…or the equivalent in the world of winemaking:  HARVEST. But I can’t.  I am done preparing and am now just getting antsy.  I see winemaker friends around us already harvesting, crushing, punching and fermenting and I am ready for my fun to begin!  But alas, our cool summer has made for a late harvest and we are still waiting for the sugar levels in the grapes to get where they need to be.  Our grower is sending an update today and we’ll make a trip up there Saturday to confirm our hopes for a September 27 harvest…and one after that…and one after that.