Uzi and his brand new barrel

We are winemakers going down the path from hobby winemakers to commercial winemakers.  Uzi’s childhood involved wine:  his grandmother made wine with grapes grown on their property and he has vivid memories of his sister stomping the grapes.  But he was seriously bitten by the winemaking bug during a spring trip to Burgundy in 2003.  We started making wine in the small crawl space below our house that fall.  Every year since, our production doubled, our equipment inventory doubled and friend involvement doubled.  Then finally, in 2006, our crawl space “quadrupled” into a full-blown home wine cellar.  In 2008 we took the plunge to produce Pinot Noir and Chardonnay commercially from incredible vineyards including Beresini Vineyard, Hyde Vineyard and Lauterbach Hill Vineyard.  Our label:  Stomping Girl Wines.

Kathryn We hope you will read about our adventures, our history, our progress here on the blog.


Uzi and Kathryn Cohen

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Barb & Jenn Says:

    yahoo! i love your postings and am thrilled to hear about your wine-making (ad)ventures. i’ve added it to my favorites list and will keep coming back to it to find out the results…. i remember with great gusto the wine you served in your basement winery a couple years ago. can’t wait to hear how the commercial venture comes along….

    if you want to know what we are up to:

    thanks for including us on the list!

  2. stompinggirl Says:

    yes, the bottling party you came to. it is that time of year again, we will be bottling the ’07 Merlot Nov. 1 but with a smaller crowd this time. looks like San Cristobal is treating you all well!

  3. amy atwood Says:

    Hey Uzi, Thanks for your comment on MyDailyWine. Would love to hear more about your wines. Please send info, etc

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